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What football dignitaries are saying about the program

“I first met Joe Galat at the Cape Cod Massachusetts Football Camp when I was 14. Getting the opportunity to learn the game the right way from Joe at a young age not only increased my chances of being successful on the field but also decreased my chances of getting injured. Joe went on to coach in the National Football League with the New York Giants and Houston Oilers. Joe coached a number of great players during his years in the NFL, including Hall of Famers Harry Carson and Elvin Bethea. In Coaching Youth Football, along with its online course, Coaching Youth Football the AYF Way, Joe breaks down the football fundamentals into simple, teachable techniques that are easy to execute and are a great benefit to those serious about learning how to coach the great sport of football.”


Howie Long

FOX Sports Commentator


“I am proud to say that I have coached youth football for the past several years and have come to the realization that it involves far more than just Xs and Os. Promoting academic achievement, preparing for the season, ordering equipment, getting coaches to share a vision, coaching kids who are new to the game, and dealing with parents—the infrastructure of the organization alone can be a challenge to many rookie coaches. Joe Galat’s Coaching Youth Football provides you with all the essentials to ensure your time spent with your kids and parents will be prime time.”


Deion Sanders 

NFL and MLB All-Star